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          Medical endoscope LED Cold Light Source Camera System Medical Equipment

          产品概述 :

          Medical endoscope LED Cold Light Source Camera System Medical  Equipment 

          Camera System- Endoscope LED COLD LIGHT SOURCE 


           1. Application:

          Laparosocpe, Hysteroscope, Arthroscope, ENT, PTED, Urology


          2. Main Characteristic:

          1.     Long service life:working time more than 20000 hours, minimizing the need to replace the bulb,cost saving.


          2.  Imported key component:adopted imported medical LED,Strong stability,Good anti-K-seismic property.


          3.  High brightness: great transparency,Excellent color

          rendering,great three –dimensional sense of the surgery.


          4.  Colour temperature purity:Natural light 5000K-6500K,no stray lights.

          5.  Good compatibility:International standard light guide cable,like Storz,Olympus,Wolf etc.


          Pls see the technical parameter as below


          Medical endoscope LED Cold Light Source Camera System Medical  Equipment 

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